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The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude

    "Carol lays her waist on the line" with her battle with the bulge as told in The Big Skinny: How I Changed My Fattitude.
    In this world of "Hollywood" conditioning of visual worth, it is hard
    for many to find happiness. A wandering eye that gazes at your stomach
    leaves you wondering if people think you are fat. It’s a daily inward
    struggle that judges your self worth each day and leaves you in the
    dumps. Carol battle this problem as best as she knows, cartooning. She
    is a one woman artistic critic of human life with a critical sense of
    unique wry thrown in for good measure with her weight problem.  There
    are many facets to dieting that start from controlled to clinical
    admittance. You need  a sense of humor to see the whole scope of the
    weight lose industry that feeds on the paranoia of many who are not
    educated on weight gain and lose. It good to see that one can laugh at the whole thing. Preview of book>>For
    most of her life Carol Lay tried unsuccessfully to lose weight.
    She tried diet pills, low carb and food combination diets, hypnosis and
    Weight Watchers, but never managed to keep off the weight for more than
    a  few months. But five years ago, something clicked — Carol
    reached her goal weight of 125 lbs and has maintained it ever since.
    the California cartoonist shows how she lost weight by exercising and
    counting calories, conveying information, encouragement, and experience
    through poignant, humorous, and imaginative stories. For instance — if
    you’ve never imagined how you’d deal with the diet challenges of Girl
    Scouts at your door or George Clooney offering to share his McDonald’s
    takeout — don’t worry, Carol has. She also knows what it’s like to
    experience a broken heart and have no one to comfort you except Ben
    & Jerry. She’s been there, and she’ll tell you and show you what it
    was like — and give you the tools and inspiration so you can do it, too.

    Tony M.