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The Birth of Wonder Woman

    The Birth of Wonder Woman

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    Wonder Woman’s creation can be attributed this this exchange letter between artist Harry G. Peter and writer Dr. William Moulton Marston. (pen name Charles Moulton). Dr. William Moulton Marston also invented the systolic blood pressure test that lead to today’s modern lie detector test. Wonder Woman’s lasso would explain a lot about both the writer’s claim to fame in life and in the comic books. The first concept art of Wonder Woman was just a few months before Wonder Woman’s first appearance in Sensation Comics in 1941. Harry G. Peter was 61 when when he began illustrating Wonder Woman. He was the main artist from 1941 until 1958 when he died.

    Dear Dr. Marston,

    I slapped these two out in a hurry. The eagle is tough to handle as when in perspective or in profile he doesn’t show up clearly — The shoes look like a stenographer’s.

    I think the idea might be incorporated as a sort of Roman contraption.


    Dear Pete –

    I think the gal with hand up is very cute. I like her skirt, legs, hair. Bracelets okay + boots. These probably will work out + see other suggestions enclosed. No on these + stripes – red + white. With eagle’s wings above or below breasts as per-enclosed? Leave it to you. Don’t we have to put a red stripe around her waist as belt? I thought Gaines wanted it — don’t remember. Circlet will have to go higher — more like crown — see suggestions enclosed.

    See you Wednesday morning — WMM

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    Tony M.