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No Life ’til Leather: The Cassette Tape is Coming Back

    The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack evoked a delightful sense of nostalgia by reintroducing the cherished concept of mixtapes. This sentiment seems to resonate with Metallica as well, as they recently decided to pay homage to the past by releasing a limited edition cassette version of their iconic album, “No Life ’til Leather,” exclusively for Record Store Day. Personally, I must confess that I don’t share the same sentimental yearning for the cassette format. In my eyes, the cassette is as distant a memory as the now-extinct dodo bird. Both have left their mark on history but have been largely replaced by more advanced and modern alternatives.

    Hit The Lights
    The Mechanix
    Seek & Destroy
    Metal Militia
    Jump In The Fire
    Phantom Lord

    Tony M.