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The Criterion Collection: The Princess Bride is a thing of beauty

Criterion’s commitment to excellence is evident in this fresh iteration of “The Princess Bride.” Their dedication to the craft of film restoration and presentation is unparalleled, and it shines through in this latest release. As a fan who already possesses two copies of the movie, I find myself irresistibly drawn to this new packaging.

Since its initial theatrical debut, “The Princess Bride” has undergone numerous transformations as it journeyed through various video formats over the years. Now, Criterion, renowned for its meticulous approach to preserving and enhancing cinematic classics, has turned its attention to this beloved 1987 film. In their latest endeavor, Criterion has once more exceeded expectations by revitalizing this cinematic gem.

Criterion’s re-packaging is not merely a rehash of what has come before. Instead, it represents a labor of love and an unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling on celluloid. With their meticulous attention to detail, Criterion has undoubtedly breathed new life into a classic that has already captured the hearts of many.

In a world where media consumption is increasingly digital, Criterion’s dedication to preserving the cinematic experience in physical formats is truly commendable. Their re-release of “The Princess Bride” stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to the art of filmmaking and the enduring appeal of this timeless classic.

An exuberant and daring escapade that places the power of true love against seemingly insurmountable challenges, “The Princess Bride” has captured the hearts of countless devotees with its irreverent humor, eccentric cast of characters, and breathtaking swordfights. The story unfolds as a young boy, Fred Savage, confined to his sickbed, begrudgingly allows his grandfather, portrayed by the charismatic Peter Falk, to regale him with a well-worn storybook—a moment that transports us into the enchanting world of the innocent Buttercup, portrayed by Robin Wright in her star-making role. Buttercup, despite being betrothed to the malevolent Prince Humperdinck, played by Chris Sarandon, secretly pines for her one true love, Westley, brought to life by Cary Elwes.

However, before the wedding bells can chime, their plans are rudely interrupted by a swashbuckling pirate of mysterious origins, a vengeful Spaniard with a flair for the dramatic, and a good-hearted giant whose size is only matched by his benevolence. This story is a rollercoaster of daring swordfights, deep-rooted romance, and outrageously side-splitting humor that parodies the conventions of fairy tales and epic adventures.

Directed by the talented Rob Reiner and penned by the endlessly witty William Goldman, “The Princess Bride” has rightfully earned its place as a timeless fairy-tale classic. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to seamlessly blend heartwarming romance with uproarious spoofer, creating a cinematic experience that appeals to audiences of all ages. With memorable lines and unforgettable characters, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of true love and the timeless allure of a captivating tale.


  • 4K digital restoration, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack
  • One 4K UHD disc of the film presented in Dolby Vision HDR and one Blu-ray with the film and special features
  • Audio commentary featuring director Rob Reiner, screenwriter William Goldman, producer Andrew Scheinman, and actors Billy Crystal and Peter Falk
  • Edited audiobook reading of Goldman’s novel The Princess Bride by Reiner
  • Program about Goldman’s screenplay
  • Program about Goldman’s tapestry based on his novel
  • Interviews with Reiner, Goldman, and actors Crystal, Cary Elwes, Christopher Guest, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Fred Savage, and Robin Wright
  • Interview with art director Richard Holland
  • Programs about makeup, fencing, and fairy tales
  • On-set video diary filmed and narrated by Elwes
  • Five behind-the-scenes videos with commentaries by Reiner, Scheinman, and Crystal
  • Trailer
  • English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • PLUS: An essay by author Sloane Crosley and Goldman’s introduction to his Princess Bride script from his collection Four Screenplays, in a lavishly illustrated, clothbound book