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The Eco-Friendly Tote Bag as Art

    A book dedicated to the tote bag? Your friendly neighborhood tote bag is a welcome site to the environment. No longer will the earth choke on the plastic bags we polluted all over our backyards. Jitesh Patel examines the tote bag and explores the many faces of the bag that is revolutionizing the way we carry our groceries. It has become a fashion statement for some. Still there are those who will fight tooth and nail to keep the plastic nemesis that wrecks havoc on Mother Nature. We’ll have to wait a bit for this book, it on the other side of the pond. Long gone are the days of the PBS tote bag, the tote bag is going prime-time.

    Tote bags are becoming more and more popular because they are reusable and eco-friendly. This affordable and stylish alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bag is now also a fashion statement. The use of tote bags has spread from the eco-savvy shopper to the style-conscious consumer. With this shift, totes have moved from being a purely utilitarian item to a medium for self-expression. The printed design on the tote bag is effectively a communication message to express a persons personality. The graphics, imagery and messages displayed on tote bags are becoming increasingly sophisticated, subtle and imaginative. This book showcases some of the most striking, inventive and subversive of current examples of the tote. The featured totes come from a wide range of illustrators and graphic designers around the world, with designs including floral prints, typography, illustrations and characters.


    Tony M.