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The End Of Bazooka Joe

    2012 is the year of the end of Bazooka Joe and Twinkies.  Bazooka Joe was cheesy at best but a part of many generational youths. The taste of the gum lasted just as fast as you read the comic strip. Chewing Bazooka Joe and eating Twinkies was what was great about being American. These little innocent symbols are long forgotten because of company mismanagement. Long live nostalgia, we shall never forget you Bazooka Joe and Twinkies. What next Cracker Jack?

    “What adults may remember best about Bazooka … is disappearing. The tiny comic strip featuring the eye patch-wearing brand mascot Bazooka Joe that has been wrapped around each piece of gum since 1953 is being replaced.

    “New inserts will feature brainteasers, like a challenge to list 10 comic book heroes named after animals, or activities, like instructions on folding the insert into an airplane. They also include codes that, when entered at, will unlock content like videos and video games.

    “Bazooka Joe and his sidekick, Mort, who wears his turtleneck up over his mouth, will appear only occasionally as illustrations in the new inserts, but without the antics and corny jokes of the three-panel strips.”