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The End of Life in Hell

    Matt Groening’s Life in Hell weekly comic strip is no more. All good things must come to an end. Can you believe it the strip began in 1977. Binky, Sheb, Bongo, Akbar, Jeff and the rest of the cast will gently go into the retirement home of comic strips.

    The sad truth about Life in Hell and other strips is the reality of the death of the newspaper. In the 1990’s, “Life in Hell” was published in 380 papers. In the end only 40 newspapers carried the strip. If Matt can’t get those high numbers anymore,  imagine the new artist trying to break into the field. Is the daily comic strip also the dodo of the newspaper world?  The field is very small for success. Will there ever be another Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes? Maybe the iPad is the final solution for survival.

    Tony M.