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Pac-Man Invades America In the Fall of 1980

    The Pac-Man Dossier

    In the autumn of 1980, an iconic moment occurred in American pop culture when Pac-Man made its debut, forever altering the landscape of the gaming industry. Although by contemporary standards, Pac-Man may appear relatively simple, it represents a marvel of intricate gaming engineering. Remarkably, even after three decades, Pac-Man remains the highest-grossing coin-operated video game in history. Thanks to the burgeoning popularity of emulation software like MAME and the proliferation of gaming portal devices, Pac-Man is experiencing a resurgence, embarking on another goblin-eating adventure.

    In this resurgence, Jamey Pittman has emerged as a dedicated enthusiast, curating a remarkable website dedicated to the Pac-Man phenomenon. Not only does Pittman’s site offer insights into the game’s intricacies, but it also imparts invaluable tips and tricks for mastering this classic title. Delve into a trove of Easter eggs hidden within the game, and uncover a succinct yet comprehensive history of the yellow glutton’s quest to devour goblins. Pittman’s website is a treasure trove of information, providing a rich and informative experience for both Pac-Man aficionados and those new to the game.

    pacman birth of an icon

    In 1999, Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida became the first person to obtain a perfect score of 3,333,360 at Pac-Man, eating every possible dot, energizer, ghost, and bonus on every level without losing a single life in the process. But perhaps what is most amazing is the fact he can play without using any memorized routines widely known as “patterns”. Instead, he relies on his familiarity with how each ghost behaves as it moves through the maze, using that knowledge to keep Pac-Man one step ahead of his enemies at all times.