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The Peanuts Gang Head To New York City

    Apple has officially revealed their exciting plans to commence production for their inaugural full-length Peanuts movie, set to premiere in 2024. This much-anticipated cinematic endeavor will transport the beloved Snoopy and his endearing companions to the bustling and iconic backdrop of New York City, promising a delightful adventure for fans of all ages.

    The announcement from Apple marks a significant milestone in the Peanuts franchise’s storied history, as it signifies the transition of these cherished characters from their familiar suburban neighborhood to the vibrant and diverse metropolis of New York City. The decision to relocate the characters to the Big Apple adds a fresh and captivating dimension to the timeless Peanuts universe.

    As this production gets underway, fans of the Peanuts gang can look forward to a film that not only captures the charm and humor that have made these characters household names but also promises a thrilling narrative set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic cities. The move to New York City opens up a world of possibilities for the characters, introducing new adventures, challenges, and friendships that will surely resonate with both longtime enthusiasts and new generations of Peanuts fans.

    The decision to create a feature-length film is a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural significance of the Peanuts franchise, which has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. By expanding their presence onto the big screen, Apple aims to bring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the entire Peanuts gang to a wider and more diverse audience, continuing their legacy for generations to come.

    With the promise of a Peanuts movie set in the heart of New York City, fans can anticipate an unforgettable cinematic experience that will blend the charm of these classic characters with the energy and vibrancy of the city that never sleeps. Apple’s commitment to this project is sure to result in a film that celebrates the past while embracing the future, ensuring that the Peanuts gang remains a cherished part of popular culture.

    “Fans of all ages have been enamored with Peanuts on Apple TV+,” said Tara Sorensen, Apple’s head of children’s programming. “With our unmatched library of Peanuts titles and award-winning collection of stories that bring kids and families together, Apple TV+ is the preeminent home for Snoopy and friends and offers a world-class selection of series and films featuring the most globally cherished animated characters. We can’t wait for everyone to experience this heartwarming new adventure with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the gang in the Big City.”

    “It is so special to carry on my father’s legacy with an original story from me, my son Bryan, and his writing partner Neil,” said Craig Schulz. “We are excited to be partnering with Apple TV+ and working with WildBrain Studios to bring audiences a brand-new Peanuts adventure, along with the talented Bonnie Arnold as producer and Steve Martino as director. Peanuts fans have been clamoring for another feature for years, and this film will bring joy to our millions of fans around the world.”