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The People vs George Lucas


    George Lucas has struck a chord with many people in the world. Be it good or bad, the man has made a few enemies even with his fans. Star Wars has become a personal vision to many and a letdown when the new trilogy was released. Many see George as a merchandising overlord that exploits the Star Wars franchise. Fans are upset because they eat and breathe the mythology. The archetypes of the series as illustrated by Joseph Campbell taps into folklore from many cultures and the universality of Star Wars is one of debate and hate at the same time. George is on trial versus the people for delivering onto the world his vision that people follow religiously. The People vs George Lucas is a documentary exploring the love hate relation between fans and the creator. George himself is a victim of his own success and not moving beyond the fame of Star Wars. George has become the new William Shatner for all basement dwelling sci-fi fans who still didn’t get a life.