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The Ramones Pasta Sauce

    Blitzkrieg Bop tomato sauce

    This is the part of your career when you become uncool. Marky Ramone, former drummer of punk band The Ramones is now peddling tomato sauce. KISS have put their name on everything that they can put a label on. For some reason punk and tomato sauce doesn’t seen like a natural union. What’s next? Sex Pistol fish and chips! Seems the Ramones wanted to be sedated. Blitzkrieg Bop tomato sauce? Here comes the new Paul Newman of our generation.

    The Ramones Pasta Sauce“You see, I made it with my grandpa; he was a chef at 21 Club. I watched him as a little boy, and then when I got older, I lived alone at 18, and so pasta sauce and spaghetti was the cheapest thing around,” says Ramone. “I got really good at making it, and so I am excited I get to share my recipe with others. And I got to do the artwork on bottle, and it’s really cool looking. Soon it will be sold in stores; right now you can only get it online and in restaurants.”


    Tony M.