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The Toolkey is the only compact tool you will ever need

    The Toolkey is ergonomic, slim and ultra-light in your pocket.  Its array of functional tools span a wide variety of needs while maintaining an unprecedented footprint.  Plus, the design is made from a metal injection moulding (MIM) manufacturing process.  This is the most advanced production process known to date that yields an exceptional finish and detail, all in a one-piece design.


    If you’re in need of a screwdriver, serrated edge, file, wrench, bottle opener and more… Toolkey is your EDC solution!

    Toolkey also incorporates a strong neodymium magnet, so it can be attached to a refrigerator, toolbox and more… yet fits on a keyring, carabiner and is slim enough to slip inside a wallet.

    Toolkey is also TSA-compliant for those who like or need to travel.

    Tony M.