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The Wall is the weirdest Spider-Man villain ever created

    the wall

    The Wall had a short-lived life of crime when he came head-to-head with Spider-Man in the no so classic Spidey Super Stories #8. This version of Spider-Man takes place on Earth-57780. The universe is home to characters such as Jennifer of the Jungle, Mad Scientist, and Blowhard from The Electric Company PBS children’s television show.

    Joshua Waldemeyer, a.k.a The Wall, is a former student and part-time brick/cement mason who became a living wall after a tragic construction accident. After an ordeal with Spider-Man, he stopped his life of crime.

    Spidey Super Stories were never part of the continuity of the Spider-Man regular series. They were geared towards a younger audience that watched the PBS show The Electric Company where Spidey had a regular feature in the show. The series aired on PBS for 780 episodes over the course of its six. Beginning in season four (1974–1975), Danny Seagren, a puppeteer who had worked on Sesame Street and also as a professional dancer, appeared in the role of Spider-Man; Marvel Comics published Spidey Super Stories that tied into Seagren’s appearances as Spider-Man in character, who never spoke aloud or unmasked himself.

    Tony M.