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Thx thx thx: A Thank-You Note a Day

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    No matter how trivial and small things are, sometimes you have to sit back and reflect and give a little THX. Thx thx thx: A Thank-You Note a Day is exactly that, the little blog that gives THX. The blog has graduated to book form. Leah Dieterich writes daily thank-you notes on about everything about her life in wry humor. I hope Leah wrote a thank-you note to her publisher for printing thxthxthx: Thank Goodness for Everything.

    After years of being encouraged (okay, nagged) by her Mother to write thank-you notes, Dieterich began writing one thank-you note a day to whatever thing, no matter how small or odd, she was thankful for. From important gestures, like a Partner’s Understanding, to simple, soulful, and quirky things like Songs You’re Embarrassed to Like, thxthxthx features 200 of Dieterich’s original, handwritten thank-you notes that collectively convey the look and feel of handwritten notes from a close friend.

    Surprisingly simple and refreshingly moving, thxthxthx is a thought provoking and emotionally rewarding daily exercise in gratitude for all of life’s blessings.

    Tony M.