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Tick Tock Wellbeing Art

    Tick Tock not to be confused with the app that has been around since 1903 and makes teas from the UK. Jamie Nash Studio was approached to design two new flavors of Ginger Boost and Chai Relax art. I am sure you will agree the result is serene with a prancing zebra and a tiger floating through the water. It just makes me want to buy some Tick Tock tea. You will love their merch, the Ginger Boost tote bag is the coolest thing! The red caddy is to die for.

    Tick Tock is one of the UK’s most iconic and well-known tea brands. Independent and pioneering, the family behind Tick Tock first cultivated rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) in 1903 and over four generations later they continue to champion this variety.

    A leaping zebra has been chosen to represent the Ginger Boost tea, with Nash saying this accurately depicts the “zingy, uplifting mood” of the product. Meanwhile, a tiger taking a calming dip in a river adorns Chai Relax. He says the tiger swimming in the reflection of the warm sun “perfectly captures” the flavor.

    Tick Tock Ginger Boost is a naturally caffeine free blend of fiery ginger and zesty lemon, supportive echinacea and elderberry, and antioxidant-rich rooibos.

    Say hello to our gorgeous NEW Ginger Boost tote bag!

    Made from robust cotton canvas, our zebra bag will brighten up your day. It’s a stylish, eco-friendly companion for your picnic in the park, trip to the shop, or just for stocking up on your Tick Tock teas.

    Tony M.