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Happy Birthday: Tom Baker Celebrates 90th Birthday

    Tom Baker Celebrates His 90th Birthday With Radio Times Photo Shoot
    Yoshitaka Kono for Radio Times

    Celebrating the 90th birthday of the iconic Doctor Who legend, Tom Baker calls for a special tribute, and what better way to honor the occasion than by unveiling a collection of rare and recently unearthed photographs featuring the legendary actor? Born on January 20, 1934, in Vauxhall, Liverpool, England, Thomas Stewart Baker is still considered the true doctor. Radio Times magazine celebrates the occasion with new photos of the legendary actor with new photos. Tom Baker holds the esteemed title of being the longest-serving Doctor, portraying the beloved Time Lord from 1974 to 1981. His portrayal is eternally etched in the hearts of fans, as his distinctive incarnation continues to be instantly recognizable. The enduring passion of fans for Baker’s Doctor and the memorable characters from his era is a testament to the lasting impact he has made on the Doctor Who legacy.

    Oh, you didn’t know: Having been a fan of Doctor Who since his childhood, Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, particularly prefers the portrayal of the Doctor by Tom Baker. According to Ron Hauge, a writer for The Simpsons, when it comes to referencing Doctor Who in their show, they consistently choose Tom Baker among the various actors who have played the character.

    Tony M.