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Tony Hawk’s Hot Wheels-inspired skateboard deck

    Tony Hawk and Hot Wheels Skate collide to create this scorching “Birdman” deck and matching fingerboard. Using Tony’s personal router template, the deck is cut to the exact measurements he uses on his own boards. With the matching fingerboard, you can ollie, heelflip, and maybe even land a 900.

    • Tony Hawk x Hot Wheels Wildfire Freestyle Deck + Fingerboard
    • “Birdman” logo with Hot Wheels flames
    • Full-sized deck cut to Tony’s personal router template
    • Limited to 100 boards, each signed by Tony Hawk
    • Comes in premium packaging 
    Tony Hawk's Hot Wheels-inspired skateboard deck

    Every purchase donates to Tony’s charity, The Skatepark Project. Its mission is to build skateparks in underprivileged areas around the world where kids can experiment, persevere, and find community.

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    Tony M.