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Trailer: Kraven the Hunter is on the hunt this October

    Kraven the Hunter is a gripping tale delving into the origins and motivations behind one of Marvel’s most iconic adversaries. Prior to his infamous clash with Spider-Man, the film showcases Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the eponymous character in an R-rated experience.

    Once you’re on his list, there’s only one way off.

    Devised by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 from 1964, Kraven emerges as a skilled hunter enlisted by his half-brother Chameleon. Frustrated by his unsuccessful encounters with Spider-Man, the master of disguise seeks Kraven’s aid. However, after the web-slinger defeats both supervillain siblings, Kraven swears vengeance, dedicating his life to relentlessly pursuing and eliminating Spider-Man. This relentless pursuit leads Kraven to become a vital member of the notorious supervillain group, the Sinister Six.

    Directed by J.C. Chandor from a screen story and screenplay by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Richard Wenk the film also stars Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott, and Russell Crowe.

    Kraven the Hunter is on exclusively in movie theaters in October.

    Tony M.