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Twilight Producers to Make Babar Movie

    Babar the Movie

    Break out the piggy bank of nostalgia. Babar the Elephant is going CGI. The producers of The Twilight Saga are planning to bring the international elephant to the big screen. Created in 1931 by French author Jean de Brunhoff, the 80 year elephant will be given the royal treatment. The movie will be both live action and CGI. Is Babar the movie going to go the way of the Curious George movie?

    Jean de BrunhoffBrunhoff died of tuberculosis at the age of 37. After his death, Hachette bought the printing and publishing rights to the Babar series, and Jean’s son, Laurent de Brunhoff, took on his late father’s role of illustrating the books. The first seven Babar albums were reprinted and millions of copies were sold all around the world, but they were all abridged; they had 30 pages instead of the original 48.

    Tony M.