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U.S. Debt Clock


    If you ever traveled to New York City or saw either on TV or in the movies the U.S. Debt Clock that ticked away the debt in the U.S. each passing second. Seems with many economies faltering around the world, many are starting to keep an eye on that iconic clock. What was a testimony of a grand economy is now an upward countdown of debt doom as many families worry about their next meal? The U.S. Debt Clock is now ticking away online with very alarming numbers.

    Mattew Reddin

    The debt clock, and an off-line version of it on 6th Avenue in New York City, have been around for a while, but it’s only in recent months that it’s ballooned in popularity again, due to increased government spending. Political pundits and spokesmen like Glenn Beck have begun referencing the clock as a symbol of government’s failings, and while it’s hard to agree with their interpretation of the clock, it’s also hard to deny that debt is skyrocketing, regardless of why you think it’s the case.- Matthew Reddin