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USB Typewriter

    This USB iPad typewriter is designed with a nostalgic touch, catering to those with a penchant for the past. While the retro aesthetic may exude a sense of coolness, its impact on the financial front is quite substantial. Considering the hefty price tag, I am inclined to forego the purchase.

    Experience the charm of a beautifully crafted vintage typewriter as your primary keyboard for both Mac and PC. Take a delightful departure from your digital devices and immerse yourself in the tactile pleasure of typing with ink on paper. Simultaneously, effortlessly capture your creative endeavors by electronically recording your manuscript directly onto an SD card.

    The USB Typewriter serves as an exceptional keyboard dock for your iPad or tablet computer, seamlessly blending the timeless elegance of a classic typewriter with the modern functionality of contemporary devices. Embrace the versatility of this innovative technology, as its built-in Bluetooth feature enables seamless connectivity with computers and smartphones, providing you with a unique and nostalgic typing experience across a range of devices.

    Tony M.