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Val Kolpakov Has the World’s Largest Toothpaste Tube Collection

    Val Kolpakov, a dentist hailing from Alpharetta, Georgia, has etched his name into the annals of extraordinary collections by establishing a unique record for amassing the largest assortment of toothpaste tubes ever documented. His unparalleled passion for dentistry drove him to accumulate an astounding 2,037 tubes, a feat that not only reflects his dedication but also showcases the fascinating world of dental hygiene.

    I started my collection in 2001 to learn more as a dentist about all available toothpaste on the market…Soon I realized that this was a very interesting hobby and tried to collect some old toothpaste and tubes from other countries.

    When approached by Guinness World Records to discuss his remarkable collection, Kolpakov revealed that his journey began out of pure professional curiosity. As a dentist, he has always been deeply involved in the world of oral health, and his desire to explore the ever-evolving realm of toothpaste led him down this unusual but captivating path.

    My favorite ones… It’s a set of whiskey flavored. It’s rye, scotch and bourbon. Don’t brush and drive…These are German toothpastes dug out from trenches of World War Two. I consider this one of the most unusual ones because the toothpaste called Doramad is radioactive. It did have a radioactive compound, thorium, because back then people believed that radioactive compounds revive your tissues and it’s good for your skin, for your teeth. Nihilist toothpaste.

    The heart of Kolpakov’s collection lies not only in its sheer quantity but also in the diversity it encompasses. His assortment is a testament to the vast array of toothpaste available, with a particular emphasis on those boasting unique flavors and ingredients that challenge conventional dental care norms. He fondly speaks of the intriguing tubes that make up his collection, each one a testament to the innovation and creativity within the dental industry.

    There is no such brand…It was made specifically for the series Prison Break – it was used with phosphoric acid inside the tube to corrode the pipes, and that would help them to escape…

    My favorite ones… It’s a set of whiskey flavored. It’s rye, scotch and bourbon

    In Val Kolpakov’s collection, one can find toothpaste tubes with flavors and ingredients that venture far beyond the ordinary mint and fluoride varieties. From exotic fruit flavors to natural and organic formulations, his collection is a treasure trove of oral care products that cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. This extraordinary collection is a testament to the ever-expanding frontiers of dental care and the art of crafting toothpaste to appeal to a diverse range of consumers.

    Kolpakov’s dedication to his collection is not only a remarkable personal achievement but also an insightful window into the world of oral hygiene. It exemplifies the lengths to which individuals can go in their pursuit of knowledge and passion, even in the most unexpected of niches. Val Kolpakov’s feat stands as a testament to the boundless curiosity and passion that can drive individuals to achieve extraordinary records and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.