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The Complete Adventures of Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry

    The Complete Adventures of Van Beuren's Tom and Jerry

    The animated shorts, crafted by the Van Beuren Studio and distributed by RKO, chronicle the humorous escapades of a duo reminiscent of Mutt and Jeff. Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry cartoons, produced from 1931 through 1933, are fun, surreal & tuneful, rivaling the Fleischer cartoons in their odd adventures and great musical scores by Gene Rodemich.

    Classic animation fans have enjoyed these quirky little cartoons for their pre-code humor and rubber-hose animation style. They’re some of the most memorable films the studio produced. Thunderbean is proud to present this special Blu-ray collection featuring all 26 of the series in all-new digital masters, restored from the best-known 16mm and 35mm materials, including Piano Tooners from the original camera negative.

    These comical adventures unfold in a series of animated vignettes that captivate audiences with their wit and charm. It’s essential to note that this particular animated pair should not be mistaken for the later-established MGM cartoon cat and mouse duo, as they possess their unique brand of humor and distinctive narrative style.

    The Complete Adventures of Van Beuren's Tom and Jerry

    Tom and Jerry, with its distinct characters and slapstick humor, reflects the learning curve of animators as they grappled with the evolving techniques and technologies of their time. The series serves as a historical marker, illustrating the creative endeavors and perseverance of those early animators, whose trials and tribulations ultimately laid the groundwork for the sophisticated animated masterpieces that would follow. In this way, future generations have reaped the benefits of the lessons learned during the formative years of animation, with Tom and Jerry standing as a charming and enduring reminder of the art’s evolutionary journey.

    The realm of early animation may not resonate with every audience due to its occasional clumsiness and perceived detachment from contemporary sensibilities. An exemplar of this era is the timeless cartoon series, Tom and Jerry, which stands as a testament to the developmental phase of animation. In this pioneering stage, animators were honing their craft, encountering challenges, and navigating the uncharted waters of this innovative art form.

    Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry rival the Fleischer cartoons in their odd adventures and set to marvelous musical scores by Gene Rodemich. Bonus features include a Gallery of publicity materials, title cards and home movie versions, a booklet with liner notes about the films and their creators and more!

    I am pleased to discover the availability of these high-quality versions of Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry cartoons on Blu-ray. The visual appeal of the cartoons is noteworthy, and I wholeheartedly recommend this Blu-ray collection by Thunderbean.

    Films included on the set:
    Wot A Night
    Polar Pals
    Jungle Jam
    A Swiss Trick
    Rabid Hunters
    In the Bag
    Joint Wipers
    Pots and Pans
    The Tuba Tooter
    Plane Dumb
    Redskin Blues
    Jolly Fish
    Barnyard Bunk
    Spanish Twist
    Piano Tooners
    Pencil Mania
    Tight Rope Tricks
    The Magic Mummy
    Happy Hoboes
    Puzzled Pals
    Hook & Ladder Hokum
    In the Park
    Dough Nuts
    The Phantom Rocket

    Oh, you didn’t know: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s musical collaboration blossomed during their junior year when they joined forces as the duo “Tom and Jerry.” In this musical partnership, Paul Simon assumed the persona of Jerry Landis, adopting the surname from a girl he was romantically involved with at the time. Art Garfunkel took on the moniker Tom Graph, a nod to his interest in tracking and graphing hits on the pop charts.

    While the name “Tom and Jerry” might evoke thoughts of the iconic cartoon characters, the duo’s choice of monikers had no direct connection to the famous cat and mouse duo from animation. Instead, it served as a unique and personal expression of their musical collaboration. The duo, despite their playful stage names into the world of music with a distinctive style that would eventually set them apart in the folk and rock genres by using their real names.

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