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Vitamin Water Facebook Flavor Connect

    Thinking outside the box was the ingenious design of new flavor for Vitamin Water’s water simply called Connect. The Facebook contest was instrumental in creating the product and buzz. Facebooker Sarah from Illinois was awarded a cash sum of $5,000 for designing the new Connect flavor. Give the people what they want. Let’s hope the product will connect with consumers in an already flooded market of colored water bottlers.

    “unlike the never-ending debate over whether it’s rock-paper-scissors or paper-rock-scissors, based on your votes and your designs, the latest flavor of vitaminwater has FINALLY been decided… introducing the black cherry-lime flavored vitaminwater named… connect! check out this new package- flavor & ingredients, name & label design- all inspired by you- our fans. it’s got 8 key nutrients plus caffeine. thanks for all your help- especially to the grand prize winner Sarah from Illinois and the four other finalist vitaminwater connect will be available in stores nationwide in march this year- so until then, stay hydrated- and keep your eyes here for news, updates and special offers for connect, including a possible sneak tasting opportunity. and btw… it’s rochambeau!”

    Tony M.