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Walt Dali


    Hollywood had a love affair with Salvador Dali and a friendship with Walt Disney was nurtured to a point where they worked on a potential short film called Destino. The project was abandoned in 1946, only 18 seconds of test footage was created. The project re-surfaced in 1999 for Fantasia 2000, Disney’s nephew Roy Edward Disney resurrected the project but was never used for the movie. Destino was shown as an opening cartoon for the movies, Calendar Girls and Triplets of Belleville and is now lost in animation limbo. The marriage of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali is an interesting mash of ideas that Disney was willing to test the limits of imagination, but was never pushed the limit. The stagnant movies after Disney’s death was the proof, the studio stayed true to a formula and refused to change for many years. Destino was not the destiny of Disney. Walt Dali was never to be.

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