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Wasting Food

    wasting food

    Food bills are getting higher and not lower. In North America we waste a lot of food, most of what is on our plate ends up in the garbage. It’s alarming when we are throwing away good food. We are taking away from the reserve of world supplies and future generations and driving up prices of commodities. The lump sum of what we waste is like a smoker that buys cigarettes. It comes out roughly to a car payment each month. In most cases enough to feed another family.

    Why should we care about food waste? For starters, it’s expensive. Citing various studies, including one at the University of Arizona called the Garbage Project that tracked home food waste for three decades, Mr. Bloom estimates that as much as 25 percent of the food we bring into our homes is wasted. So a family of four that spends $175 a week on groceries squanders more than $40 worth of food each week and $2,275 a year.


    Tony M.