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Weird Snow Globes

    weird snow globes

    The main purpose of a snow globe is to entertain us and remind us of snow. Those living living close to the 49th parallel don’t need reminding, we live if one for half a year. Snow globes can be found in novelty shops or tourist traps. They are miniature of Kandor the bottle city of Krypton but with a cold front all year round. Now there are many interesting out of the norm globes out there. What began as the Eiffel Tower in a globe in the 1880’s has expanded around the world and peaked in the 1950’s as part of the atomic age or perhaps a reminder of a nuclear winter fascination. Today’s snow globes are now more of the shock value since the allure has vanished since the gimmick was tired beyond the 120 years of inception. The snow globe at the height of popularity was perhaps be considered a main character in Citizen Kane and just recently mentioned as a metaphor of the castaways on the TV series Lost.

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