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Weird Tales: 100 Years of Weird by Jonathan Maberry

weird tales

“100 Years of Weird” is a remarkable collection of classic and contemporary stories, flash fiction, essays, and poems from the most prominent names in speculative fiction. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first publications by Weird Tales Magazine. The book features works by R.L. Stine, Laurell K. Hamilton, Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, Tennessee Williams, and Isaac Asimov, among others.

This anthology celebrates a hundred years of unconventional storytelling. It presents a diverse range of genres, from Cosmic Horror, Sword, and Sorcery to Space Opera and Truly Weird tales that are too unconventional for other publications. The magazine’s purpose is to showcase such stories. The collection includes renowned works like “The Call of Cthulhu,” “Worms of the Earth,” and “Legal Rites,” as well as original stories and insightful essays from contemporary masters of speculative fiction.

From March 1923 to September 1954, Weird Tales was published as “The Unique Magazine.” Its content was the first of its kind in America, as it focused on tales of fantasy, horror, and weird fiction. Interestingly, the final issue also featured the word “unique” on its cover. Amazing Stories, the first science fiction magazine, did not emerge until three years later in April 1926.

This hardcover edition is a collector’s delight, featuring classic full-color and black-and-white art from past issues of Weird Tales Magazine that will captivate your senses.

The 200-page book will be out on October 10.