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What’s on the Menu: Online Menu Library

    In a few years the menu as we know it will be a thing of the past. Tablets such as the iPad have become steady replacements as of late for the menu. The New York Public Library has an amazing menu collection online for all to examine. It’s an historical culinary examination of foods tastes and trends coming back in menus in the New York region which always had a global influence on food culture. Simple titled, what’s on the menu, is a trove of browsing for gastronomic minds or artistic wonder of some amazing pieces of menu art. Presently there are over 137,580 dishes transcribed from 2105 menus online.

    With approximately 40,000 menus dating from the 1840s to the present, The New York Public Library’s restaurant menu collection is one of the largest in the world, used by historians, chefs, novelists and everyday food enthusiasts. Trouble is, the menus are very difficult to search for the greatest treasures they contain: specific information about dishes, prices, the organization of meals, and all the stories these things tell us about the history of food and culture.

    Tony M.