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Who is the Hulk?: A journey through 60 years of Marvel’s immortal hero

the hulk 60 years

“Who is the Hulk?” is a comprehensive celebration of the Hulk, one of Marvel’s most iconic and complex superheroes. Authored by various contributors, this hardcover book takes readers on a journey through 60 years of the Hulk’s comic book history, exploring his origins, greatest battles, formidable adversaries, and unexpected alliances.

The book begins by delving into the origins of the Hulk, highlighting the creative genius of writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, who introduced the character to the world in The Incredible Hulk #1 in May 1962. The authors emphasize the significance of the Hulk’s creation, combining elements from the classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the looming nuclear threat prevalent during the 1960s.

Throughout the Hulk’s six-decade-long existence, numerous writers and artists have lent their talents to the character, and “Who is the Hulk?” pays homage to these creative minds. The book showcases the diverse interpretations the Hulk has received over the years, with each contributor building upon the ideas of their predecessors. This exploration of the Hulk’s evolution highlights his status as a beloved and complex superhero.

A celebration of 60 rage-filled years of Marvel’s immortal, incredible, and savage hero, the Hulk!

The artwork featured in the book is truly stunning, lavishly illustrating the Hulk’s incredible strength and presence. The visuals bring the character’s rage-filled nature to life, capturing the essence of his power and turmoil. Readers are treated to vibrant pages that showcase the Hulk’s battles against both familiar adversaries and new foes, providing a visual feast for fans of the character.

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In addition to the Hulk’s adversaries, the book also explores his relationships and unexpected alliances. From his early days as an outcast shunned by society to his later inclusion in the ranks of the Avengers, the Hulk’s journey has been marked by his interactions with a diverse cast of characters. These dynamics have added depth and complexity to the Hulk’s story, transforming him into a multi-dimensional hero.

“Who is the Hulk?” is not only a celebration of the Hulk’s rich history but also an appreciation of the talented creators behind his ongoing adventures. The book includes profiles of the writers and artists who have contributed to the Hulk’s legacy, shedding light on their contributions and capturing the collaborative spirit that has shaped the character over the years.

In conclusion, “Who is the Hulk?: A Journey Through 60 Years of Marvel’s Immortal Hero” is a must-read for any fan of the Hulk or the Marvel Universe. This deluxe hardcover book provides a thorough exploration of the Hulk’s comic book history, offering an in-depth analysis of his character, thrilling battles, formidable enemies, and unexpected alliances. With its stunning artwork and insightful profiles of the creators involved, this tribute is a fitting homage to the Hulk’s enduring legacy.

This title will be released on June 27, 2023.