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Winning Kickstarter Tips

    Here a 14 tips in having a successful Kickstarter campaign as chronicled by cartoonist Keith Knight. If you are an artist or inventor of a great idea and need some cash, Kickstarter is the best way to raise money. It’s like going to a bank and asking for a loan and getting them to buy into your ideas. Everybody has their formula. Keith Knight found his and wants to share his good fortune with everybody. No matter what, the end product is always content. If it is worth nothing, you will get nothing. Sharpen to pencils or tap away your brilliancy to a small fortune with Keith’s 14 tips.

    1. I’D HAVE a countdown on my website saying, “10-9-8 [etc.] days till the launch of my Kickstarter Campaign!!”
    2. A FEW FOLKS said I put the funding goal too high. They said the way to do it is to set it at the lowest level that you’d do it for, because it’ll definitely get reached, and most likely surpassed, and then people get all giddy and throw tons more money on top. People love a winner.
    3. BE SURE that your campaign launches ends during the week, not the weekend. Weekends are where Kickstarter campaigns go to die
    4. INCLUDE YOUR art on your front Kickstarter page! I didn’t do this till it was halfway over! Thankfully, a reader wrote and said: “Dude, you’re a cartoonist. We might want to see a sample!”
    5. THROW IN in some wild-card levels halfway through the campaign to make updates exciting. I didn’t purposely do it, but halfway through I realized I wasn’t offering any “life’s little victories” rewards, and that’s a favorite of my readers. Once I tossed in that “Millie” Jackson level at $152, I got 19 backers for it!
    (other nine)