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Wrinkles The Clown

    It started with a surveillance video uploaded on YouTube in 2014. The video’s description claims that the clown’s name is Wrinkles, that he lives in Florida, and that he is hired by children’s parents to punish kids who misbehave. After the video went viral, other mysterious videos popped up online…Wrinkles pushing a cart through a parking lot. Waving alongside a busy highway. Holding balloons in front of a suburban home. The unsettling clips launched WRINKLES THE CLOWN to internet infamy. Cryptic stickers with a phone number were plastered on telephone poles and in bathrooms across the state, promising to terrify misbehaving children. Over 1 million voicemails were left. Wrinkles the Clown follows this eerie real-life character and explores the unpredictable spread of imagination in the internet age.

    Tony M.