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Young Jesus Chronicles

    Some might think the topic of Jesus is taboo considering the comic strip Young Jesus Chronicles is about the youth of Jesus. The light humored strip harms nobody and paints Jesus as a lad like contemporary kids from our time. Spencer Smith and Mark Penta the creators take a light tone in their approach of the material with a universal appeal for all ages and religions. This is a perfect tool for kids who wonder what Jesus did when he was young. A book like this might make bible studies for kids a thing of fun.

    With a tongue-in-cheek premise that the book is the result of a recently unearthed account of Jesus’s formative years as deciphered by Vatican-authorized experts (that is, cartoonists Smith and Penta), Young Jesus Chronicles is a clever and lighthearted collection of cartoons that celebrates the joy of puns and wordplay as much as it rewards you for paying attention in Sunday Bible school.

    “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, see me after class. Your book reports
    are surprisingly similar.”

    Tony M.