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Zap Comics

    Robert Crumb has come a long way since 1969. The underground comic artist is no longer underground.  His art is long sought out by collectors.  Many volumes of collected works are making the rounds and making him a steady income that he is able to live comfortably in France with his family. Zap Comix is where he rose above the crowd with other underground artists.  His longevity speaks volumes about his work.  For the first time all the Zap Comix issues are reprinted in from 1969-2014.  This is for the real fan of Robert Crumb. The whole collection costs about 500.00. It is comparable to many collections out there. This is a man’s legacy of debauchery in ink form. This stuff is tame compared to what we digest in media form today.

    The never-before-published 17th issue! A custom clamshell portfolio of archival giclée prints of all 17 ZAP covers An all-new 200-page oral history of ZAP The rarely-seen 1974 ZAM mini comic Every ZAP cover and every story

    Limited, never-to-be-reprinted edition This gigantic, five-volume, slipcased hardcover set is the comics – and cultural – publishing event of a generation! ZAP is the most historically and aesthetically important comics series ever published.

    Featuring four hardcover volumes collecting the entire series (1968-2014), a fifth volume containing a book-length oral history of ZAP with hundreds of photos and obscure drawings as well as a lengthy introduction by founder R. Crumb, and a clamshell portfolio, all housed in a deluxe, custom slipcase.

    Tony M.