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914: Alcatraz Spaghetti Riot

    On the 16th of January, 2012 a Monday, Fox debuted the series “Alcatraz.” This time-traveling drama delves into the enigmatic vanishing act of 256 prisoners and 46 guards from Alcatraz in 1963, only to witness their unexpected reappearance in 2012. To celebrate the premiere, Fox collaborated with Ford to craft “Legends of Alcatraz,” an alternate reality game that unfolds across the storyline of the show’s inaugural season.

    Messages were discreetly conveyed by manipulating the menu, all without the awareness of the guards and security personnel.

    If your deduction led you to CMXIV, equivalent to 914 in Roman numerals, go ahead and reward yourself with a cheerful smiley face sticker for successfully deciphering the enigma of the Alcatraz Spaghetti Riot of 1950. Are we treating ourselves to the indulgence of red velvet cake today? It’s worth noting that the inmates during that era were treated to quite a feast, enjoying a generous and satisfying spread of culinary delights.

    The quality of the food in Alcatraz was such that both the guards and prison staff were served identical meals to those provided to the prisoners. This practice stemmed from the warden’s belief that a significant source of trouble in the prison system was linked to substandard food, leading to a uniform dietary regimen for all occupants of the facility.

    Within the strict surveillance of prison guards, inmates had to devise clever means of communication. Even today, scholars remain intrigued by the mystery of how they precisely coordinated the timing of their uprising. The challenges of clandestine communication within the confines of a highly monitored environment pique academic curiosity, prompting ongoing exploration into the ingenious methods employed by prisoners to synchronize their actions during moments of dissent.