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Anna Lucasta

    Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis, Jr. star in a much over-looked 1958 film, Anna Lucasta. The film is based on a stage play written in the early 1940s by screenwriter and producer Phillip Yordan.

    When wild child Anna Lucasta (Eartha Kitt) is thrown out of the house by her self-righteous father, she falls into a life of prostitution…and into the arms of street-wise sailor Danny Johnson (Sammy Davis, Jr.). But after Anna shocks them all by finally finding true love with a well-heeled young suitor, her unforgiving father sets a vengeful plan in motion to remind his daughter of her sordid past…and destroy her future forever!

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    Fun Fact:

    Anna Lucasta marked Sammy Davis, Jr.’s first dramatic film role. Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis, Jr., who both had “financial participation” in the film.

    Tony M.