Banned Book of Dr. Seuss!

Do You Know What I’m Going to Do Next Saturday?

Did you ever beat
more than one kid at a time?
Well, I’m going to beat
five kids at a time.

And then I’m going to beat
their fathers, too.

Who was Helen Palmer, she wrote the above excerpt from her book "Do You Know What I’m Going to Do Next Saturday?" Helen was 64 when she wrote this little treasure for the Seuss world. She was the first wife of Dr. Seuss and four years later after the publication of the book she committed suicide after battling illness. ??? Not fabrication but true. You don’t see this little book in many places. When you read the book out of context without Lynn Fayman’s pictures you get a whole new world into the Seuss domain. Now talk about the hidden world of Dr. Seuss.

I’ll run around and yell and yell.
Next Saturday I’ll yell my head off.
I’ll blow horns. I’ll blow and blow.
Next Saturday I’ll blow my head off.

No one is going to stop me next Saturday.