Beetle Bailey Collected

Beetle Bailey Volume 1 By Mort Walker

Checker Book Publishing Group is becoming the Criterion of the comic strip industry. They are polishing forgotten treasures for us to once again re-discover. Beetle Bailey is one of those quirky strips that has made waves year after year without much fanfare. A bumbling Sad Sack that is the epitome of procrastination glorified many folds and made it an art form out of it. A credit to many out there who can achieve much without doing anything really. Beetle has found a niche for laziness and is doing a great job after 50 years. This strip has longevity with a non transitory cast that has not evolved that much. The character traits stemming from Sarge to Beetle are set in stone and you will know their reactions from strip to strip. Never making much of an impact like some of the other major strips, it has found a way to survive and a welcome guest for all these years. Keep an eye on the Checker Book Publishing Group, they are publishing some great books out there. They are tooting themselves as The Graphic Novel Specialists and with good reason.


From the very first Beetle Bailey strips on a college campus through Beetle’s enlistment in the U.S. Army, this volume contains the first two years of Mort Walker’s famous strips, encompassing September 1950 through June 1952. Enjoy two separate casts of quirky characters, the first based on Mort Walker’s fraternity brothers at the University of Missouri and the second on his Korean era stint in the Army. These are the strips that won him the Ruben Award in 1953. Beetle Bailey went on to become the third most widely distributed comic strip of all time. Introduction with comments by Mort Walker himself! See page samples>>