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Best Montreal Smoked Meat

    Where can you find the best smoked meat in Montreal?  You will be surprised that it does not come from a restaurant.  Schwartz’s is the “coke-cola” of smoked meats. This establishment has exchanged so many hands in many generations. To me it not the best smoked meat in town. It is the most expensive smoked meat in town. This claustrophobic restaurant has long winding lineups on weekends that are frustrating at best. The fries are horrible. The waiters and meat cutters are so snotty.  I would not venture there just for those things. Then you have your usual cast of members;  Smoke Meat Pete (283 1st Avenue L’Île-Perrot), Lester’s (1057, Rue Bernard Ouest), The Main (3864 Saint-Laurent Boulevard), Reuben’s (1116 Rue Sainte-Catherine) Ouest, and Dunn’s (1249 Metcalfe). 

    All of the others have their storied loyal customers. But if you are looking for the best smoked meat in Montreal, you will only find it in a Costco. You heard me right. Hands down their smoked meat beats out everybody on the island. Forget smoked meat on rye bread. They give you a triangle ciabatta roll that absorbs the sweat meat juices into it. Forget that traditional rye bread with holes that seeps the mustard onto your hands. Costco loads up your ciabatta with lots of meat with a very generous amount of fries. No waiters to gobble up tips. You can easily save over ten dollars on each meal. Still enough pocket change to buy yourself a yogurt ice-cream.  To be fair the smoked meat offered at Costco comes from Dunn’s. You can buy yourself their frozen six pack smoked meat in pouches. They can be cooked in a microwave or steamed at home at the cost of 3.50 for each sandwich. Even at home, the taste is out of this world. 

    In my humble opinion, Costco makes the best smoked meat in Montreal and Canada. Most Costco’s throughout Canada offer Dunn’s smoked meat. You do not have to travel to Canada to get the best smoked meat. Order the  Dunn’s smoked meat online. Some of the others also offer microwavable pouches also. They do not even come close to Dunn’s. 

    Tony M.