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But Have You Read the Book?: 52 Literary Gems That Inspired Our Favorite Films

    but have you read the book

    It’s a common remark to hear “I preferred the book” after watching a movie adaptation. Kristen Lopez has curated a list of 52 timeless books that have been adapted into films and offers an insightful comparison between the two versions.

    For film buffs and literature lovers alike, Turner Classic Movies presents an essential guide to 52 cinema classics and the literary works that served as their inspiration. 

    Kristen Lopez is a pop culture essayist and TV editor for IndieWire. She has worked as an entertainment journalist for over 15 years, with her articles appearing at Variety, MTV, TCM, and Roger Ebert. A California native, Kristen was raised in a small suburb near Sacramento and graduated with a Masters in English from California State University, Sacramento. She is the creator of the classic film podcast, Ticklish Business. Based in Los Angeles, she enjoys reading and finding Old Hollywood connections in her neighborhood in her free time. But Have You Read the Book? is her first book. 

    Fun Fact:  The movie Die Hard is actually based on the sequel to Roderick Thorp’s novel The Detective, titled Nothing Lasts Forever, published in 1979. It’s worth noting that the first novel was adapted into a movie in 1968 and featured Frank Sinatra as the main character.