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the great toy robbery

The Great Toy Robbery

    In 1963, Santa Claus took a wrong turn in the Albuquerque desert and got held up in “The Great Toy Robbery” as presented by The National Film Board of Canada.

    The Batman The Complete Series

    The Batman: The Complete Series

      He’s in his mid-twenties and just finding his way as protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while maintaining his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne. This animated series picks up a few years after the conclusion of the theatrical film, Batman Begins. This younger Batman confronts updated versions of familiar foes, meeting each member of his classic Rogues’ Gallery for the first time. 

      dr oz running for the U.S. Senate

      Dr. Oz running for the U.S. Senate

        I usually try to stay out of political issues, but editorial cartoonist Randy Bish summed it best for us. Just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Oz is running for the U.S. Senate. I think Dr. Oz will need some self-medication to get out of this storm. Oprah, look what you unleashed!