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Killing Joke 1980 1

Tunes: Killing Joke, Neil Young, Wishbone Ash, and Lalo Schifrin

    Killing Joke – the classic debut album featuring such key tracks as `Requiem’, `Wardance’ & `The Wait’ (covered by Metallica in 1987). The gatefold artwork has been lovingly recreated by original designer Mike Coles, the sole addition being a striking silver Pantone on the sleeve.

    heven and hell back cover

    Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven And Hell’ Rehearsal Tape Released

      The estate of Geoff Nicholls has released an early version of the song ‘Heaven and Hell’ by Black Sabbath. Geoff has always be known as the fifth member of Black Sabbath after the firing of Ozzy Osbourne. Ronnie James Dio was brought in to be the lead singer in 1979.

      Rob Zombie The Howling Man

      The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man

        Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead? Why it is Rob Zombie, the king of kitschy-cool horror rock and he is back with The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man from his upcoming seventh solo studio album, The Lunar Injection Kool-Aid Eclipse Conspiracy.

        zz tops first album

        ZZ Top’s First Album: 50 years later

          Fifty years ago, a lonely little band tumbled out of Houston, Texas. They released their first album called, ZZ Top’s First Album. They are the only rock and roll band to still be together after fifty years with all the original members. Billy Gibbons was designated as “one of the best young guitarists in the U.S.” by Jimi Hendrix during his stint in the Tonight Show in 1969.

          rust in peace

          Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece

            When it comes to consuming literature, I tend to go either e-book or paper. This time I went the audiobook route for Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece. Why? Because the story unfolds by the people involved in the story of Megadeth’s mega album, Rust in Peace.


            CAKE: Age Of Aquarius

              CAKE is back with a new single. They are no strangers doing cover versions. Their unique spin on classics such as Gloria Gaynor’s song “I Will Survive” and Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” take the songs to new levels of musical interpretation. “Age of Aquarius” is no different, we certainly need an upbeat tune.

              honk rolling stones

              HONK: Rolling Stones newest greatest hits package

                Mick and boys are grounded till he is medically cleared to tour. That won’t stop them from picking at your wallet with the latest in a long list of compilation packages drawn from an extensive armory of hits. The new album Honk consists of music recorded from every Rolling Stones studio album from 1971 to 2016’s Blue & Lonesome.

                lost turntable

                The Lost Turntable

                  The Lost Turntable is your hub for imported out-of-print 12″ and rare b-sides. The caretaker of this site loves his music and partakes on his different spin on the music and the people behind the music. I enjoy unique introspect of how music has a special place in his life. It is a bridge into his personal life and how it shaped him.



                    Heavy Metal is still alive and well. Get the latest news about your favorite bands still touring throughout the world. is keeping the faith alive.

                    best of everything

                    Tom Petty: The Best Of Everything

                      The Best Of Everything, the first career-spanning collection of all of Tom Petty’s hits with The Heartbreakers, his solo work and Mudcrutch.