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New Cat’s Café collection: One Cup at a Time

    New Cat's Café collection: One Cup at a Time

    Serving up another steaming hot cup of the warm and floofies, this new collection follows your favorite regulars at Cat’s Cafe as well as several all-new characters as they handle the ups and downs of life with the help of their friends.

    I am a fan of Matt Tarpley’s webcomic, Cat’s Cafe. He is back with his second printed collection of cute quirky coffee guzzling friends who want to spread a little joy in your life. Get yourself a nice piping fancy coffee, snuggle with your favorite couch and immerse yourself into smiling for several minutes.

    Cat's Café Collection

    A follow-up collection based on the popular webcomic Cat’s Cafe, One Cup at a Time immerses readers in the gentle, supportive world of cafe owner Cat and his adorable friends. With familiar faces like Penguin and Kiwi and new friends like Fox and Spider, this collection handles real issues like relationships, self-esteem, and mental health through a tender, positive lens. 

    Cat's Café Collection

    One Cup at a Time isn’t about forgetting your problems; it’s about supporting one another through those problems and loving each other and ourselves through it all.

    Matt Tarpley is a graphic artist and the creator of the popular webcomic, Cat’s Café. The series has been celebrated for its sensitive exploration of mental health issues, and they use Cat’s Café to translate complex emotions into small cups of joy. They currently reside in Bellevue, Washington, with their wife and two floofy cats.

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    Tony M.