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The Penguin Cafe at the Edge of the World by Nurit Zarchi and Anat Warshavsky

    There is an age-old maxim “location, location, location” that says that it is critical that a business be placed in the right location to succeed. If you are three penguins in Antarctica who want to open a cafe, your prospects would not be that good. This cafe would literally be on edge of the world. You would be pressed if you would ever get a client. Fantagraphics is publishing “The Penguin Cafe at the Edge of the World” by Nurit Zarchi and illustrated by Anat Warshavsky. Will the trio find success with their new entrepreneurial endeavour? Will the “Peng-Winter Stew” brings clients from afar? If you cook it, they will come.

    In the icy reaches of the South Pole live three penguin brothers: Amos, Max, and Hans. They love cooking so much that one day they band together to start a cozy café. There, they will serve a delicious, cinnamony concoction of their own creation — Peng-Winter Stew! The only snag? Since they are located at the edge of the world, people don’t visit them very often. As the penguin brothers wait for the next boat to arrive, they hope that their customers will enjoy their splendid stew as much as they do.

    Nurit Zarchi is an Israeli poet and author of books for adults and children. Zarchi has published many poems in children’s magazines and more than one hundred works including children’s books, poetry, prose, and research.

    Illustrated by contemporary artist Anat Warshavsky in whimsical watercolours with a vivid primary colour palette, The Penguin Café at the Edge of the World is a warmhearted tale of friendship and collaboration.

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    Fun Fact:

    The Bar at Vernadsky Research Base on Galindez Island, Antarctica is the world’s southernmost bar. Vodka be purchased for three dollars a glass or it is free with the donation of some women’s undergarments to display behind the bar.

    Tony M.