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Chris Eliopoulos

    Sandbox World gets many solicitations weekly from many publishers and artists. I am surprised at the amount of to put it bluntly in no demeanor attitude of any kind to anybody or disrespect. Much of the requests are inappropriate for the content of Sandbox World, what might work on other sites would not cater to our audience. Everybody is vying for a little exposure on the net at any level. I had to turn down many people, be it advertisers with big advertising money and artists of a particular bent. When Chris Eliopoulos a Columbia College student emailed about Sandbox World, I had to investigate his site is see what kind of work he did. I was floored, he has a great aptitude with his art and his work procedure is amazing. You can witness how he creates his craft, this boy is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. You have to see this amazing talent. Read more>>