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Dark Horse Heroes

    The term “Omnibus” finds its origins in Latin, where it signifies inclusivity, serving all and sundry. It’s intriguing to observe how some of the major comic book publishers are now delving into the release of various omnibus editions. A noteworthy example of this trend is Dark Horse, a publisher renowned for its vast collection of comics, particularly from the early 1990s. This era marked a significant surge in comic sales, with a proliferation of variant covers from various publishers.

    What truly sets Dark Horse apart is their deviation from the mainstream, as they produce high-quality superhero content at exceptionally affordable prices. Among their offerings were two standout series known as “Comics Greatest World” and “Will to Power.” These series were characterized by their exceptionally well-crafted narratives and engaging storytelling.

    The real treat for fans of this era is the comprehensive compilation that Dark Horse has put together, encapsulating all the remarkable heroes they introduced. This impressive volume spans a staggering 424 pages, yet it’s priced quite reasonably. It’s a compilation that is bound to leave enthusiasts of the comic book world in awe. These star-studded heroes played a significant role in setting the comic book industry on fire during a period of remarkable growth and transformation, just before the comics market experienced a significant downturn.

    In the not-too-distant past, the first nuclear weapon test changed the world forever . . . but not in the way we expected. Unleashed upon the planet was a microscopic technological virus of unknown origin that infected millions-some to no effect, some to horrifying agonies and disfigurement, others with the gift of incredible and sometimes terrifying power. But would a world populated by supermen become a battleground for good against bad . . . or bad against worse? Is it true that with great power comes great responsibility . . . or does it truly come with great license?