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David Bowie In Jazz: A Jazz Tribute To David Bowie

    It has been 5 years since David Bowie died. Bowie’s music is enjoying a celebration of different interpretations by other musical artists. No stranger to borrowing from other genres, Bowie is getting the full treatment from modern jazz versions of his most popular songs and lesser-known track. The collected album, David Bowie In Jazz, is imported from France from the label Wagram.

    1. Laïla Biali – Let’s Dance
    2. Caecilie Norby – Andy Warhol
    3. Bojan Z – Ashes to Ashes
    4. Miriam Aïda – the Man Who Sold the World
    5. Grazzia Giu – Space Oddity
    6. Cinzia Bavelloni – Lady Stardust
    7. Yelloworld – the Jean Genie
    8. Eric Le Lann – Life on Mars
    9. Jen Chapin & Rosetta – Starman
    10. Federica Zammarchi – Lady Grinning Soul

    Section of the tracklisting was made by Jazz Magazine’s journalist Lionel Eskenazi.

    To commemorate the 5 years of the disappearance of the true music Genius David Bowie, the jazz scene pays tribute to the legendary artist. Including Keren Ann, The Puppini Sisters, Mike Garson, Bojan Z, Delta Saxophone Quartet Jen Chapen and Rosetta Trio, Caecilie Norby, Franck Wolf, Yelloworld and Eric Le Lann.

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    Fun Fact: Bowie formed The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men, an organization aimed at protesting the treatment that he and other men with long hair received on the streets of London.

    Tony M.