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Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen

    Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen (Fashion Kitty (Graphic Novels))

    Here is the sequel to Fashion Kitty.  This is the answer to the Captain Underpants books but for girls. Charise Mericle Harper is hitting the right chord with this fun little series that will grow with a fan base that is beginning to gather steam.

    After her last adventure, Fashion Kitty is truly becoming a hero. At school, she is more popular than she has ever been. But not everyone is excited about Fashion Kitty’s newfound popularity. A spoiled new kitty named Cassandra doesn’t like sharing the spotlight. And when Fashion Kitty starts inspiring the other cats at school to be more independent about their style choices, Cassandra really doesn’t like it.  So she hatches a plan (evil, of course) that involves lying, conniving, and outlawing bright colors and patterns.

    Fashion Kitty knows she must put an end to Cassandra’s reign of terror. She will use her fashion sense, quick smarts, and the power of friendship to overcome fashion evil.

    Tony M.