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First ever recorded snowball fight

    first ever snowball fight

    There is something magical about the first snowfall when snow is sticky. You get an urge to put together a nice round hard snowball. Anything close to you becomes a target. The first-ever recorded snowball fight is a frolic of adults whipping a bombardment of snowballs that take out a cyclist in good fun.

    Bataille de neige (transl. Snow Fight), also known as Snowballing, is an 1897 French short silent film produced by the Lumiére brothers. Filmed in Lyon, France, it depicts a number of individuals engaged in a snowball fight on a city street.

    In 2020 the New York Times did a feature article about the film, written by Sam Anderson after a Russian amateur film restorer posted a cleaned-up and colorized version of the film to YouTube. The result is “shockingly modern” said Anderson.

    “Sure, it can be argued that adding color, interpolating frames, and removing scratches are creating information that was never there and could ‘obscure the past instead of highlighting it,’” writes Petapixel. “But how many people (who aren’t film buffs) will have ever heard of ‘Bataille de boules de neige’ before today? And how many might discover a passion for filmmaking or history as a result?” Personally, I’d like to see more films that look like “Snowball Fight.”

    Tony M.