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Flight Explorer

    Flight Explorer, Volume One

    Flight is one of those gems that comes out every year and worth waiting for. You beg for more, and more we shall get. I am pretty sure there is a conscious effort to bring a well packaged product for all ages with quality stories and effort by Flight. This new smaller version of Flight is a free pass to libraries who have staff who just don’t have the time to examine every illustrated book coming out and feel secure in the content. This is the right direction to go in my opinion. Let’s hope for more editions and new contributors. With the announcement of Warner and Scholastic dipping into  Flight main contributor Kazu Kibuishi, it’s safe to say this is the route to go. With two companies like that taking you seriously, there is only blue skies up ahead for this project. This is the perfect vehicle to introduce your kids to comics. Preview>>

    Tony M.